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My Winter Hibernation

I have not been very active as of late, as the cold weather tends to slow me down.  I am becoming dormant during this season between Advent and Great Lent. During this time I am not pursuing much in the way of physical activity, but I am trying to keep my mind active. I have been doing some reading, including A Different Christianity by Robin Amis. (The first six chapters are available online here: http://www.greekorthodoxchurch.org/a_different_christianity_contents.html) Otherwise I have been trying to faithfully attend liturgy, although on a few Sundays, I have opted to join the online congregation rather than attend in person. (Sundays at 10:00 AM EST Sept. – June & 9:30 AM EDT in the summer here: http://www.stmaryorthodoxchurch.org/live/) Probably I should have made more of an effort to get out of the house on those particular Sunday mornings, but I am grateful that my parish has this wonderful online ministry available to those who might otherwise not be able to attend liturgy. Anyway, I am going to keep this posting relatively short and finish by wishing everyone a happy and blessed upcoming feast of the Presentation.


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