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As we enter into Great Lent, I do not have much about which to blog so I will let this Lenten prayer speak for itself:

In the spirit of Forgiveness Vespers, a very moving service which I was privileged to attend this past Sunday, I ask all my readers to forgive me, a sinner, and I say to all of you, God forgives, and so do I.

A blessed and holy Lent to all.


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I am not going to say much except that I cannot believe that the Sunday of the Pharisee and the Publican is upon us and soon we will be entering into Great Lent. I have been fairly dormant, as I am most every winter. The winter has been unusually mild here in New England, so I have been able to get out a bit more, which is good for me, though I do wonder about the environment and global warming.

As for Great Lent, my friends who belong to traditional non-Orthodox Western churches are celebrating Septuagesima (“seventieth”) Sunday, which is the Sunday on which the “alleluia” ceases to be used until Pascha and thereafter. My Western Rite Orthodox brethren will be celebrating Septuagesima next Sunday, since they use the same calendar and Paschal cycle as the rest of the Orthodox, and they will be retiring the “alleluia” at that time. However, we Byzantines continue to say the “alleluia” throughout Great Lent, unlike our Western counterparts, although we use a minor sounding tone to give the “alleluia” a more penitential sense, accentuating the “joyful sadness” of Great Lent.

At any rate, I promise not to be a stranger, and I plan to write more in the near future. Until then, have a joyous and blessed pre-Lenten season.

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