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“Rejoice, the song of Cherubim rejoice,
the hymn of angels
Rejoice the ode of Seraphim; the joy of the archangels.
Rejoice, O peace and happiness and cause of our rejoicing.
O sacred chamber of the Word, the flower of incorruption.
Rejoice, delightful Paradise of blessed life eternal.
Rejoice O sacred Tree of life and fount of immortality.

I supplicate you, Lady now, I fervently entreat you.
O Queen of all, I earnestly implore and seek your favor.
O gracious Maiden, spotless one, O Lady Panagia.
I call upon you ardently , O holy hallowed Temple.
O help me and deliver me protect me rom the enemy.
And make me an inheritor of blessed life eternal.”

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“Published on Jul 29, 2012 by domkov91

The feast of the Transfiguration of our Lord Jesus Christ is celebrated on the 6th of August (19th of August in Old Style). It is one of the greatest feasts in the Orthodox Church. This festal troparion is perfmored here by different choirs in different melodies (however it always stills be tone 7).
It is sung in: Church Slavonic, Spanish, Arabic, Church Slavonic (but Polish subtitles), English, Romanian, Greek and Church Slavonic (the most popular melody in Poland becasue it is sung during pilgrimages to the Holy Mountain Grabarka in August).”

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