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This is a thoughtful article reflecting on the sadness and pain of the continuing divisions that keep Christians from sharing in full communion to this day.


Over the course of the last weekend, I sat through approximately 9 hours of liturgy before I could receive communion: 3hrs for a Roman Catholic bishop ordination, 3 hrs for Armenian Christmas Eve, 3 hrs of Orthodox divine liturgy. By the time I rolled to my own church on Sunday evening, I was hungry.Hungry

I’ve gone for days before without receiving communion- why was last weekend so hard? I’ve experienced “ecumenical awkwardness” before, but this was different. It wasn’t awkward. It was painful. Through all those other liturgies, I watched faithful brothers and sisters step forward, a line of hungry people poised to receive the life-giving elements. I wanted what they had. I wanted to feast with them. I was present and visible at all those services as a sign of the wider Church, and yet again, could not fully participate as a sign of that wider Church. And in full disclosure, I…

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