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In preparation for this Sunday:


Idiomelon, Tone VI:


Let not out prayer be like the pharisee’s, for everyone who craves the highest place will find himself brought low. Rather, let us pray like the publican: Cleanse us of our sins, O Lord.


Apostichon, Tone VI:


If you really understand the publican and pharisee. O my soul, change your way of life. Loathe the bragging of the one, and make the other’s cry for mercy be your own, begging God to pity you and wipe away your sins!


Kondakion, Tone IV:


Let us flee the pharisee’s high and mighty words, and learn the majesty of the publican’s lowly prayer: Let us beg the Saviour of the world to spare us, his sinful servants!”


-from A Prayerbook, New Skete 1976.


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On the Presentation

This is from a friend of mine, Br. Bill, a travelling Episcopalian lay brother.

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