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Public Orthodoxy

by Aristotle Papanikolaou

When it comes to voting, I had always thought that there was never a way for Christians to vote with clean hands. Regardless of party or candidate, a Christian could not vote without being implicated in supporting principles that are counter to Christian faith. And that’s how it should be: Christian witness points to that which is more than the political. Put another way, the political is something but it is not everything.

If Christian witness is to point to what is more than the political, then Christian responsibility is not done after we vote; it only intensifies after an election. No matter who is elected, Christians must always exercise a prophetic voice.

If Hillary Clinton had been elected, Christians would have had to exercise this prophetic voice—some would have focused on her failure to promote a consistent ethic of life, while others might have targeted her…

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The election has not been decided yet, although it looks as though Donald Trump will win.  I offer the following thoughts, which I hope will not become reality. Some might say that this is the time for more caution and self-protection.  I believe this moment demands the opposite.

Muslim Americans, Latino/as, Jewish Americans, African-Americans, my fellow LGBT folk: I have your back no matter what happens tonight. A Trump presidency can’t keep us from loving each other and fighting for one another. I won’t let those who hate us, want us to go away, or simply don’t care about us keep us from having each other’s backs.

Rudy Giuliani compares Trump’s potential win to Andrew Jackson’s, the guy who violently conquered the Seminole Indians, orchestrated the Trail of Tears, and was a super fan of slavery. Yep, sounds about right.

Mainstream Republicans decrying Trump as the end of the Republican…

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