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A few days ago someone posted a link on Facebook to a blog article that referred to some people recently received into the Orthodox Church who were apparently openly advocating racism: To My White Nationalist Brothers | WIT.

Only a few days ago, via the ubiquitous internet, a number of Orthodox Christians discovered that a new brother, Matthew Heimbach was welcomed into our midst, a member of an openly pro-White organization, the Traditionalist Youth Network.

The blog post has since been discussed quite widely in Orthodox internet forums, and it seems that the issue is not going to go away soon, so I thought it might be worth adding a few points.[1]

Back in 1993 we had something similar in our parish, the Church of St Nicholas of Japan in Brixton, Johannesburg.

In the early 1990s there were a lot of new immigrants to South Africa from Eastern…

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Source: White Supremacy and Orthodox Christianity: A Dangerous Connection Rears Its Head in Charlottesville

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“Three years ago, a scandal broke out. An outspoken white supremacist by the name of Matthew Heimbach was received into the Orthodox Church…” 

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